Search Tips

For an exact match, or to shorten the list of possible cases, enter as much information as you can about the case you need. The more information you can provide, the shorter the list of selections you will have to search through.

Search Method

A partial search method may be used for last name searches. To utilize this feature, click the 'Check for Partial Last Name' checkbox. Using this feature allows you to enter only a portion of the last name. For example, if you enter the last name SMITH, the results start with the first SMITH on file and continue with names like SMITHERS and SMITHWICK. If this checkbox is not clicked, the results will be exact matches only.

Phonetic Searches

If the 'Check for Phonetic Search' checkbox has been clicked, the search will retrieve not only names that exactly match the name you enter, but names that sound the same as well. If you enter the last name JOHNSON, the system retrieves JOHNSON, JONSON, JOHNNSON, JONNSON, and all other spelling variations. This feature also applies to the first name field.

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